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Re: Goople's other modeling stuff

Posted: Tue Oct 10, 2023 12:59 pm
by gooplieslime
I just needed some break from interacting with the Jurassic Park/Jurassic World community, since theres just soo many outlandish stuff going on. I'll be going back to Trespasser, I just need to distance myself from the JP/JW community.

Re: Goople's other modeling stuff

Posted: Tue Oct 10, 2023 4:45 pm
by Draconisaurus
Take as much time as you need. Everyone needs breaks.

Re: Goople's other modeling stuff

Posted: Tue Oct 10, 2023 7:00 pm
by Hilwo
gooplieslime wrote: Tue Oct 10, 2023 12:59 pmI just needed some break from interacting with the Jurassic Park/Jurassic World community, since theres just soo many outlandish stuff going on. I'll be going back to Trespasser, I just need to distance myself from the JP/JW community.
Great :) You'll always be welcome here.

Re: Goople's other modeling stuff

Posted: Tue Dec 05, 2023 11:57 pm
by hppav
I'll pop in here to say that I was hoping this level of nonsense would be gone after the closure of JPL, especially since the Jurassic World movies have really gotten terrible all around. I did like the first Jurassic World to a certain extent, but Fallen Kingdom and Dominion both were so bad. Why Steve Jobify Dogdson? Why cloning humans in one movie gets completely retconned in the next? Her mom had her without another parent? If that was possible InGen/Masrani could make BANK off of it, way more than any dinosaur theme park. And Blue can somehow do it too? Because you killed all the other raptors but Jurassic Park movies need raptors. Why has the hand thing become an instant "Stop" to dinosaurs in general and not just something the raptor squad was trained in JW? Where the hell did Benjamin Lockwood come from? He cloned his dead daughter, who is still young, but that caused the separation between him and Hammond around 30 years prior? What? But then she's not a clone but the child of his daughter that she made years after the fall of Jurassic Park somehow without a father? So she was ALIVE after Hammond died so... WHY DID LOCKWOOD AND HAMMOND HAVE A FALLING OUT!?!??!??!? How the hell did dinosaurs end up ALL OVER THE GLOBE from what appears to be maybe 2 dozen dinosaurs escaping a mansion? "Oh but the DNA is out there now!" You mean people started cloning dinosaurs and letting them loose? Why!? LOCUSTS FOR GOD'S SAKE! Quick, let's throw in the old fan favorites so they forget the rest of the movie is dogshit! Then have Ellie awkwardly say "He slid into my DMs" about Malcolm to Grant.

What the actual fuck happened to this franchise? I thought Fallen Kingdom would be "Lost World on Isla Nublar" but instead we got "Mansion haunted by super raptor" and Chris Pratt survives superheated smoke and dust from a pyroclastic flow then shoots holes through the glass that is "strong enough to resist a .50 caliber bullet!" in the gyrosphere. I had almost forgotten that Dominion was out until my wife suggested going to the theater to see it. The damn "Star Wars Cantina" tribute sequence to rub it in Kathleen Kennedy's face for firing Trevorrow from Star Wars IX was ridiculous. Are dinosaurs a joke to you? Like the dinosaurs literally took a back seat in a FRANCHISE ABOUT DINOSAURS and started doing things only cartoon characters do. Like I get it's also about the ethics of cloning, but still it's got JURASSIC in the God damned title. Oh and you just know who isn't going to die when you first see them, literally no tension. Then they bring Dilos back only to get them choke held by Chris Pratt to stop them from spitting.

Then you have Universal stomping on fan projects like their life depends on it because it could "negatively impact the director's vision" when the fan projects are WAY BETTER than what Universal has put out, almost like Universal wants to turn the franchise into complete shit like they did to Tremors (Burt's NOT dead damn it! AND THOSE AREN'T GRABOIDS AND ASS BLASTERS!).

TresCom though, we've just made our own lores. Our "We don't give a fuck" attitude causes the more uptight fans to sneer at us and paint us as the one's saying "We're the better fans" but we are just here for the fun parts of the franchise. I'm more of a JP and TLW leaning person. Never really liked JP3 that much. Jurassic World 1 was pretty good for what it was. I couldn't get through the first couple chapters of The Evolution of Claire and I only saw one episode of Camp Cretaceous and said "Nope. Don't care if it's 'Canon'." then they got more ridiculous overtime. Then they destroyed the Visitor Center rather unceremoniously with, shock, MORE HYBRIDS. Learned that from watching only the scene featuring it to see if they showed more of the Visitor Center, they don't. Just the kitchen and the rotunda. And they messed up the front windows, replacing the cross shaped frames with traditional squares.

Can't believe they handed this franchise over to a guy who had only directed one movie about an internet meme from the late 90s/early 2000s (The classified ad that inspired the classic YTMND Time Traveling Mullet Man fad).

But anyway, that's my rant about the current state of the franchise. I don't know what the hell is going on anymore and I don't really care. I've "taken a break" from the rest of the fandom for a decade now and don't think I'll go back TBH. I'll stick with stuff with PARK in the name. As much as I don't care for Jurassic Park The Game it has a better appreciation for the franchise than JW. And TresCom needs more 3D modelers. Low poly 3D modeling is a bit of a lost art though, everyone wants infinite polygons so they go to the new Unreal engine instead of these older engines. I personally like having the constraints, makes me focus on what parts are the most important to model, but that's just me.

Yeah, I was one of those caught up in the whole JPL debacle a decade ago. I'm on Venlafaxine now so I stopped caring about what people say and do online. It's all just a game of one-upmanship "I can throw the ball father than you!" "You spent 3 days at Disneyland? Well, my family's moving there!" Who cares? We're all just normal people with normal jobs and normal lives who come here as a hobby to get away from other shit. Online fandoms are mainly for stroking egos and gatekeeping people for daring to become interested in something.
Nick3069 wrote: Wed Oct 04, 2023 6:25 pm Hold on, Jack is a homophobe too?! Are you sure you're not conflating Jack with Klayton? Either way, both of them rarely come here, so, again, I don't see how this drama relates to TresCom.
Wait, Klayton is a homophobe? I'm out of the loop and haven't watched one of his videos in a while. Seeing him struggle with East Dock because he dropped it into Trespasser CE instead of ATX so nothing worked right was a bit painful. Though it was interesting to see a youtuber with somewhat of a following actually play TresCom created custom levels was a nice change of pace. Though nothing tops Seamus Blackley kidnapping the Angry Video Game Nerd and threatening him with the Duke XBox controller to make him love Trespasser :lol:

Re: Goople's other modeling stuff

Posted: Wed Dec 06, 2023 5:54 pm
by Draconisaurus
Drac sighs. I am more of a Sorna person than anything else. I do enjoy the new films, but I understand they're a lot different and have some odd points such as dinos being all over the wilderness. I still appreciate that the presence of new things like Camp Cretaceous, the movies, the toys, keep JP as a current topic that people can discuss and have fun with.

I am with you on resisting the infinite polygons thing. Modern games don't really match what I consider a game anymore. They are more like interactive movies... which, as a concept, seems great to me, it's just not usually why I sit at my computer.

Re: Goople's other modeling stuff

Posted: Fri Dec 08, 2023 2:34 pm
by gooplieslime
hppav wrote: Tue Dec 05, 2023 11:57 pm Wait, Klayton is a homophobe?
I dont want to continue having this thread just not be related to my models and be related to issues in the community.
He's not, supposedly he's anti-woke ( Woke; Awareness for racial justice,sexism & LGBT rights.) I recall in one video he says he hated woke stuff. I need to find the exact source cause when he rejoined twitter he was bombarded with hate, and that clip was shown. I remember some of his likes on twitter had an anti-LBGTQ meme and some sexism tweet? Thats all I can recall, he got rid of his twitter after dealing with the hate.
I'm gonna place my recent models here later just so I could get rid of this unnecessary discussion here.

edit; Apparently the clip is from his second channels review of Prey where in the video he discusses wokeism being an issue in reboots and sequels. Thinking it will corrupt everything, he thought Prey was gonna be woke because of rumors of one of the female characters being the lead character being the main role or something.