Diary# 14: Chapter 11 (Bankrupsy)

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Diary# 14: Chapter 11 (Bankrupsy)

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Chapter 14: Chapter 11

"Dreams are different, the smallest thing can cause great distress in what you want to accomplish in your life, Ive known this, what I don't understand is why I was not appreciated for my work, and why things fell out of my hands so easily. I only wonder what is happening in our areas in Costa Rica, the evolution must be wonderful, our facilities thwarted, our state of the art security down, they must roam free, through any broken fence, every dirty facility lays evidence and information, hidden from view for a a few years, waiting for someone to take it. Since The incident at Jurassic Park, Site B was evacuated evacuated, but i guess it was a good move because of the later storms, I cannot imagine the state of the island at this point, but I am facinated by how bio-created animals can adapt to a new world far beyond the one in which they lived. Though I am torn from how things have come up to this point, the deaths of friends, the falls of the company, the waste of money, I feel as if im far too out of the touch to continue or bring good to the situation, but at the same time I hold my conscious that I have done something that no other has done, by just thinking"

we will see how the future treats what Ive created, with the help of dear old Dr.Wu and company,


(im kinda back but not really, life has gotten busy, but I have not forgot about Trescom, I was kinda tired writing this, let me know what you think in the general comment area in this forum, thanks to the admins for not giving up on me!" JPH :mrgreen: (BTW a Chapter 11 is bankrupsy)

(Btw if you have not seen it check out Scallenger's Jurassic Time, it's wonderful and a must see!) :mrgreen: :yes:
John Parker Hammond, letting go of the stresses of INGEN"
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