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PostPosted: Sun Jun 24, 2018 2:44 pm 
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TheIdiot wrote:
Draconisaurus wrote:
Just a note... While filming Chaotician Drac, I discovered that GUIApp CE reaaally does not like certain large sizes of terrain objects, even ones only as big as say twice the Terminus wall area, and I suspect this is why they were removed for final retail versions of the game. :\ I also seem to recall a suspicion about the engine being okay with the large size but not if AIs were around. Basically large trnobjs being a contributor to engine crash condition.

Weeeeird...especially considering that the game doesn't seem to mind those huge Base terrain objects. Maybe it has something to do with the polycount of said TrnObj?

GUIApp will report terrain objects that are too big. It will also report on objects that it finds having large coordinates even tho they appear fine ingame. Even retail Trespasser uses tons of larger terrain objects, way larger than the Terminus wall area. It appears to give a warning of any terrain object that is more than 100 verts.
"WARNING: TerrainObj (TrnObj_DeepOcean-00) is too complex! 354 vertices, 118 faces."
"!ERROR!: Stfoundation00-00 Has very large texture co-ordinates, Material #2!!!"
"WARNING: TerrainObj (TrnObjB_TMrocky01a01-00) is too large! 346553.906250 square meters."

GUIApp was probably used to debug meshes as well, as it reports "issues" on things that have no effect ingame. However, it does give useful debug info a lot of time that GeomAdd does not. Trespasser also doesn't seem to like small physics boxes and will warn of any that "is smaller than 0.01 m". Which is funny cause using meter is clearly used because the science community uses meters/cm and not inches/feet in the US. Cause objects were clearly made using inches and not centimetres.

It also reports (not warning or error) on any mesh that is have more than 300 poly and any object that does not have "detail reduced version" aka LOD.

Then anything that does not include -00 it report as "Cannot instance XX, no ideal name." where XX is the object, like Anne or triggers.

It comes down in knowing what it actually mean with the error and warning, and if it have any effect ingame. Of course, personally I try to fix any error or warning cause it looks cleaner, and I like to think it reduce issues in some way ;) Maybe at some point I will write a small debug guide for using GUIApp CE and what various errors and warning means.

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