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Author:  Draconisaurus [ Wed Apr 09, 2014 1:13 am ]
Post subject:  Query?

I am sifting through PV scripting for the first time, since when the beta came out I was too busy with JPDS... And I have found a value that gets no mention in the Trespasser Script Reference. "Query" (a string for AT20 "CMagnetAction").

group TrigGaugeFourTurn-00 = {
    string Class = "CLocationTrigger"
    string FireExpression = "!@TrigResetLatch-00"
    int BoundVol = 1
    bool PlayerInTrigger = true
    group Action00 = {
        int ActionType = 20
        string MasterObject = "PNeedleGauge01-00"
        string Query = "PValveHandle-00"
        float Drive = -4.000000
        bool Enable = true
        bool Merge = true

I'm pretty sure this means that the Query object is to guide the motions of the MasterObject... But I'm not quite sure how drive affects this... That needle is not always moving as one with the handle. I have a feeling the Query value was created specifically for the Turbine puzzle. Anyway, would someone care to clarify how this works, and/or update the Reference page?

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