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PostPosted: Wed Oct 31, 2018 5:32 am 
T-Rex Killer
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The other day I got to desiring a complete listing of all "CTeleport"-class objects in original Trespasser levels. Each one has a nice little name and they can sort of be used to tell a story of progression through each level, or describe locations that are otherwise without a name. Here is the list I compiled, in order of TresEd-search-function (forward or reverse instance-order, didn't check):

*Teleport_Start (Terminus area)
*Teleport02 (Brachio view crate stack)
*Teleport01 (Unimog area crate stack)
*Teleport00 (Jungle Gym)

*Teleport_Monorailt (final exam start)
*Teleport_start (outside Terminus gate)
*Teleport_Superjumpll (post-MynFace/Jeep Intersection)
*Teleport_Area06 (exit gorge puzzle)
*Teleport_Area05 (phone gorge enter)
*Teleport_Area03 (pre-MynFace/Jeep puzzle)
*Teleport_Area02 (empty next to Stego)
*Teleport_Area01 (see-saw junk area)
*TeleportA (sports shack)

PH (old)
*Teleport_Rex (pre-Hunters Camp)
*Teleport_start (descent puzzle)
*Teleport_Gate (exit farm plot)
*Teleport_house (Plantation House)
*Teleport_rocks (enter farm plot puzzle)

*Teleport_TRexEntrance (Rex intro area)
*Teleport_NearEnd (near AllyEncounterPivot)
*Teleport_TopOfRidgeClimb (leap of faith)
*Teleport_CanyonEntrance (IJ2 gorge start)
*Teleport_BrowningBattle (next to Gravel Hill)
*Teleport_Pond (IJ1 pond)
*Teleport_End (crane puzzle)

*TeleportChurchRoof-00 (church roof)
*TeleportEastGate-00 (east gate)
*TeleportChurch-00 (church front)
*TeleportDam-00 (dam stairs)
*TeleportPlainsMidPoint-00 (buried mid-dam-road)
*TeleportConstruction-00 (mid-town contruction)

PV (beta 96)
*TeleportGeoPlant (turbine shed)
*Teleport_StillPond (start stego pond)
*Teleport_PVEntrance (PV gate)
*Teleport_PCVillage (Pre-colonial Village)
*Teleport_BridgePuzzles (first InGen bridge)
*Teleport_RoadSplit (missing road split)
*Teleport_GeoPlant (geo plant East entrance)

*Teleport_Warehouses (warehouse area)
*Teleport_Water (extraneous detail post-warehouse-area)
*Teleport_Exit (pens exit)
*Teleport_Start (harbor entrance)
*Teleport_RoadMidPoint (halfway to lab)
*Teleport_Lab (lab courtyard)

*Teleport-00 (b96 post-start)
*Teleport_Shore (shoreline)
*Teleport_DescentStart (retail level start)
*Teleport_City (Mayan steps end)
*Teleport_End (post-bridge)
*Teleport_Stairs (Mayan steps start)
*Teleport_Village (pre-Mayan steps ruins)
*Teleport-01 (b96 post-post-start)
*Teleport-02 (b96 post-post-post-start)
*Teleport-03 (b96 start-ascent end)

*Teleport3-00 (first mtn rock puzzle)
*Teleport2-00 (elevator puzzle)
*Teleport1-00 (road begin)
*Teleport0-00 (mtn raptors begin)

*Teleport_Antenna (final raptor battle)
*Teleport_Start (elevator top)

Funny thing I will note is that AS-b96 contains multiple instances of "Teleport-##" in the area taken out of the retail, in about the same location as the teleporting rocks found at the start of TheFourTowers.

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