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 Post subject: BOY, SOME BEASTIES!
PostPosted: Sun Jan 02, 2005 5:57 pm 
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-=TresCom Website Manager=-

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-The Sunday Times

PC $69.95
Rating: 7 out of 10
IT was inevitable, really. First came the movie, then came the plastic toys, storybooks and other paraphernalia.
There had to be a computer game, too. I'm referring to Trespasser, which is DreamWorks Interactive's attempt to recreate all those
slavering beasties as animated 3D nasties. Their level of success was reasonable _ I certainly found myself
getting a bit edgy every time I came across a dinosaur, but the novelty wore off somewhat midway through level two.
Your character is a well-endowed lass supposed to be on holiday in Costa Rica when a touring plane crash-lands on the island featured in
Jurassic Park: The Lost World.

Controls for Trespasser are different from those in 3D games such as Quake. Much of the control revolves around your right arm, which you
can extend to grasp objects including guns, rocks and lumps of wood _ your weapons in fighting for survival against the dinosaurs.
This control method felt somewhat cumbersome, and while a good idea, it really didn't work too well for me, especially when the game
decided I had dropped the gun that I really needed when a velociraptor was running at me full speed.
The graphics are wonderful. Even though my hand occasionally disappeared through a palm frond, the contours of the land and the
dinosaurs themselves look very convincing. Graphics alone are not, as we all know, enough to make a game good.

The engine, I felt, suffered from blockiness. More than once I got frustrated trying to make a jump that by all rights should have been a
simple matter and instead turned into a 10-minute struggle with the mouse and keyboard. Likewise when I wanted to climb up an incline
about as high as my midsection and could not. Why? Only DreamWorks can tell you that.
The game is also filled with curious voice-over pieces with the lovely accent of Jurassic Park creator John Hammond telling me something I
had no real need to know.

Gameplay was a little slow but interesting enough and the environment had a good deal of interactivity. I would not, however, consider this
game without a 3DFX card.

So, if you like dinosaurs _ or dislike and would like the chance to shoot them _ and have a reasonable machine, you may well enjoy this

If you don't, then it's likely to sit in the bottom of your cupboard until it fossilises.

Source: The Sunday Times , January 31, 1999

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