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What Linux distro are you using and why?
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Author:  Dapper Dan [ Sat Jul 03, 2004 1:28 pm ]
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All of us in the Linux world should tip our hats to Klaus Knopper for creating, not the first, but the most successful Linux live CD ever!
Knoppix has spawned a world of other live cd distos based on it, Morphix being just one.

Who would have ever believed that Knoppix would even displace Debian as getting more enquiries and hits at! It consistently ranks higher than even Suse, Gentoo and Slackware, presently residing at number 3!

Knoppix/Morphix is a great rescue cd because upon booting, it automatically scans your hard disk, locating and making your partitions available.

Morphix has saved my butt many times as a rescue CD! :yes:

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